Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Citrus Salmon Parcels

It's only too easy to get stuck in a rut in life, especially with food. A combo of laziness, tiredness and urgency to eat often leads to me rustling up a tuna pitta, quick and nutritious yes, but very boring 5 days in a row.
Today I went the extra mile.
I woke up with a spring in my step and decided to be uber prepared.
I decided to marinade.

I am a recent convert to the amazing yet simple world of marination. You chuck all the ingredients together in some tupperware, forget about them for a few hours while natural goodness does its thing, whack it all in a pan and boom taste explosion in your mouth with minimal effort on your part. Sounds good, no?

This delicious, easy to make marinade can be chucked together in no time after a dinner/breakfast, so that come lunchtime all you have to do is cook it! Now there really is no excuse for me to go reaching for that tin of tuna!

This recipe was the inspiration for these parcels, a great combo of spring flavours and super healthy. Serve with whatever veg you fancy, it works well with plain, green things .(hint: salad)

Serves 2


- 2 Salmon fillets
- 2 Garlic cloves (crushed & diced)
- 1 giant Spring onion (sliced)
- 1 tablespoon Capers
- 1/4 Lemon (zest & juice)
- 1/4 Orange (zest & juice)
- Olive oil
- S&P

- 1 Courgette (diced)
- Mixed herbs
- Salad

Marinade the salmon in the garlic, onions, capers, orange and lemon. Pour in a good glug of olive oil and season with some salt and pepper. Store in the fridge for min 4 hours, best overnight.

Pop the courgette in a large frying pan on medium heat with a glug of olive oil, some seasoning and a good few shakes of mixed herbs. Cover with a lid for 5 mins, locking in the steam.

Wrap up the salmon and all its gorgeous trimmings and marinade juice in tin foil parcels, folding neatly - sides into the middle, then fold the top and bottom over. (This makes life easier later on.)

Place the parcel in the centre of the pan, with the courgette cubes still doing their thing around the edges. No need for lid, let the cubes soften up and go all golden. Cook on medium for 8 mins.

Opening your carefully wrapped parcel will hopefully look something like this:

Perfecto! All ready to serve. You don't want to risk getting carried away with the fish and eating some tin-foil by accident, so place the salmon fillet on a plate, free from foil!

Serving suggestion: Change up your dinner time a tad and serve in cute little dishes instead of plates, much more akin to the Spanish 'tapas' style of eating.

Cute, tasty and super easy. Why not make this as a treat to impress a friend or family? They'll never know your tin-foil trick, it can be our little secret.


  1. It is a brave woman who wakes up one day and suddenly decides it is time to marinade. Cut yourself a silver star out of tin foil and stick it on your chest. You passed the test!

    1. Thanks :)
      I'm normally such a last minute sort of person that I forget to marinade and then it's too late!