Saturday, 6 September 2014


As one chapter finishes, another begins...

Tomorrow will be my first day of life in the Regular Army, and I want to continue to share my joys and experiences with you. I have decided to use a different platform to document my adventures for a variety of reasons.

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Thank you very much for all your kind comments over the years, it really does mean a lot.
Onwards and upwards.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Summer Snapshot

It's all been a bit crazy busy in my life these past few weeks.
Army life is looming on the horizon, the desire to see friends and get out and about doing stuff AND the fact the weather has been so lush has meant that my time has been spent enjoying the real world instead of the virtual one. 
Instead of nattering on with lots of individual posts, here's some snaps to give you a taster of what I've been up to...
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It's been a wonderful time and with just over two weeks to go, I've got to cram in as much excitement as possible!!
P.s. Watch this space for a HUGE announcement coming your way in the next few days

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dambulla & Sigirya

Let the Sri Lanka adventures continue...

What seems like a lifetime ago to me now, we commenced an epic trek up the hill to the Dambulla cave temples, which date back from 1st century BC. The temples were carved directly out of the hillsides and then the statues cut out later, then the whole thing lavishly painted. So many bright colours it was absolutely breathtaking that every single inch of the temples was decorated. So much care and attention to details with every crevice painted with geometric designs in bright colours or million identical Buddhas.

We hadn't expected much after hearing average reviews from other travellers, but were blown away with the handiwork and skill, especially as this so so high up in the rocks. It was a highlight of the trip for all of us.

Next stop - Sigiriya. 
Note to self- do not go to visit national monuments on a bank holiday, imagine snowdon combined with Tower of London on Easter Monday, the world and his wife decided to make a trip up to the top of Sigiriya rock. A rather precarious spiral mesh staircase (not for the feint hearted) leads up to some 1600 years old wall paintings. 

Rather busy stairs up to the plateau, the rock itself was the vent from inside and ancient volcano- hence why it sticks up out of the surrounding plain. The top is a patchwork of foundation ruins, still unknown the purpose of the site. Some say it was a palace, but more likely that it was a site used for meditation. It was the second capital of Ceylon after Anuradhapura and the country was governed from here for many years.

Hire bikes are the most convenient way of moving around the sites-£1 for half a day, we returned to a wonderful friendly roadside cafe (the plastic table type that you'd swing well clear of back home) for the best yet rice & curry we had. We also discovered our favourite dessert ever, like a giant samosa filled with fresh shredded coconut and honey- a distant cousin of the peshwari naan.