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Am I really doing this? Hang on to your seats.


I started the year off saying "absolutely no social media" and here I am at the other end of the spectrum blogging my life and opening up to the world in the most intimate way. Sometimes a girl caves and moves with the world in a good way. So for introductions, my name is Christina and my Lobster is Ron...even though at this point, a lot of my friends call him the Lobster since I call him that all the time. We live with our two dogs, Dakota Marie, currently a 90 pound, 10 month old Bernese Mountain dog and Oliver Wendell Holmes, a 6-1/2 year old, 3 pound,Mini Yorkie. I am blessed to have 3 grown children and 10 beautiful grandchildren spread throughout California, Arizona and Ohio. We currently live in the beautiful state of Colorado, which I will tell that story later of how I came here even though I have absolutely no blood relatives here. The Lobster never had children so he's been integrated into a fun family and a little bit of a learning curve.

side note....I just burned my leftover pizza in the air fryer. I'm the only one that can really screw up a 5 minute meal lol. You just got a glimpse of my real life. I wanted to start this blog for a couple reasons. One, I need to move my life into 2023 and flex a bit on how information is shared. Two, I really think that some of our experiences could really help others. And three, I wanted to have an open, non-judgmental sound board for others that may want to vent, cry, laugh, and show that real life is real life. We need to life each other up, and open our arms in a world that is struggling.

I'm going to try to post daily if possible. I'm also going to get some links up soon for some of my favorite things. My friends know i'm a little corky, and i'm in a fashion/decorating/food world all of my own. I also would love to create a sharing space for your favorite things. We may not be Oprah, but we matter too!

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